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Calm Pets Hemp Oil 250mg 

Full Spectrum CBD | 30ml Bottle

$35 with Monthly Autoship (Save 20%)

  • HEMP OIL FOR PETS: Furry family members can experience the calming benefits of cannabinoids with a total of 250mg CBD per bottle to restore vitality in pets.

  • HEAD TO TAIL BENEFITS: Superior phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps cats and dogs recover after activities, eases stress and anxiety, calms joint discomfort and more.

  • FULL SPECTRUM: Calm Pet Formula is produced from 100% USA organically grown hemp, and retains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.

  • NATURAL TASTE, PURE GOODNESS:  We use CO2 extraction (no solvents) for our non-GMO hemp oil, with no artificial ingredients, and a natural hemp flavor that pets love.

  • ADVANCED ABSORPTION: Our superior formula uses advanced nano-emulsification technology, making our hemp oil highly absorbable, and incredibly effective for pets.

  • ZERO THC FOR PETS: We use chromatography to remove any THC (no high) while preserving all other beneficial compounds so it is safe for cats, dogs and other furry companions.


Give your family pet the goodness of Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil.

Imagine seeing some bounce back in your pet’s step, easing their everyday discomforts, and providing calming relief to how they respond to stress and anxiety. Give your family pet the head to tail benefits of a premium full spectrum hemp oil, specially formulated for their needs.

The cannabinoids found in hemp oil are making news for their wide range of health benefits. Studies show that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) can help soothe temporary inflammation, ease stress and anxiety, relieve joint discomfort, and overall calm the body and mind. That makes cannabinoid-rich hemp oil the perfect natural solution for family pets. 

Whether you have a young pet that is overly stressed and vocal, or an older pet who is finding it hard to get around, full spectrum hemp oil can help bring balance and calm back to your pet. Give them the relief they need with the natural, plant-based approach of hemp oil.


The Good Inside Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil

While industrial hemp was used for rope and fabric, today’s premium non-GMO strains are cultivated for optimal nutritional benefit. Working with organic farmers and scientists, Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil has been developed for maximum effectiveness, in a 100% natural, full spectrum formula.

View Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil Fact Sheet [PDF]

Superior Genetic Strains, Premium Extraction Methods

We only use premium, non-GMO strains of hemp that are organically grown in the USA. These strains are rich in beneficial phytochemicals including terpenes, flavonoids, omegas and dozens of additional cannabinoids. This results in a premium hemp oil that helps to calm the body and mind. 

And our extraction methods are state-of-the-art. While others may use harsh solvents to extract hemp oil, Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) which delivers a full spectrum extract for head to tail benefits that is pure and free of solvents.


Advanced Absorption

Most hemp oil supplements are difficult to absorb due to the large droplet size of the oil. But Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil uses advanced nano-emulsification technology. Our advanced absorption means you get a greater value compared to other providers because you can use the smallest recommended dose for your furry family members and still get a great result.

Nano-emulsification technology breaks the oil down into tiny droplets so it can be rapidly absorbed. It beats liposomal delivery because our oil droplets are anywhere from 4 to 40 times smaller. This means all the beneficial compounds can get to work much faster. And it also increases the surface area of the hemp oil for increased bioavailability, so it is a fast-acting and highly effective hemp oil.

Lab Tested for Purity [Zero THC]

A big problem with many hemp oil supplements is that they are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. These are things you’d never want to give to your pets. 

This is why we lab test our premium hemp oil to be absolutely sure it’s free of contaminants. Calm Pet Formula Hemp Oil has also been tested to show that it contains zero THC.


5 Reasons to Pick Calm Pet Hemp Oil


1. Helps Pets Bounce Back

Restore their natural playfulness and vitality. Terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp oil may cool the effects of temporary inflammation, fight oxidative stress, promote restful sleep and help your pet recover after activities. So, they get back to being more like themselves.


2. Eases Stress & Anxiety

Got a stressed-out dog or kitty? Do they overreact to visitors or cower when thunder is near? Hemp oil may help ease that stress and anxiety. Research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) can help relieve the effects of stress, making for a calmer, happier pet.

3. Calms Joint Discomfort

As your dog or cat gets older, their joints can become stiff with age making it hard for them to move without discomfort. Calm Pet Formula may help ease joint discomfort thanks to cannabidiol (CBD), other cannabinoids and beneficial omegas, making them more comfortable when active or resting.


4. Promotes a Healthy Heart

Pets need essential fatty acids too. Full spectrum hemp oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids, delivered at optimal omega ratios. These include omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-3 (alpha-linoleic acid), and omega-9 (oleic acid). These healthy fats promote head to tail health, supporting a healthy heart, brain function, and even adding luster to a glossy coat.


5. Made Just for Pets

Calm Pet Formula is specially formulated to remove any trace of THC, so it’s safe and effective for all furry family members. It also comes with a pet-appropriate level of cannabinoids with 4mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per ½ dropper serving, and comes in a natural flavor that pets love.


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