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Supergreens +D  

90 Capsules | 30 Day Supply

$42.34 with Monthly Autoship (Save 20%)

  • SUPERGREEN HEALTH BOOST: Power your body with plant-based superfoods and nothing artificial. Supergreens +D uses certified organic, non-GMO and vegan ingredients.

  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES AND PROBIOTICS: Support gut health and your digestive tract with 5 billion probiotics, plant-based enzymes, and a prebiotic to strengthen the microbiome.

  • COMPLETE NUTRITION FOR YOUR BODY: Feel the power of organic, gluten-free and clean greens that work to support your immune system and health.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH: Optimal levels of organic Vitamin D (2,000 IUs a day) helps support bone health and your overall immunity.

  • SIMPLE VEGAN HEALTH: Supergreens +D makes it easy to maintain a vegan, plant-based lifestyle with added plant-based digestive enzymes to optimize digestion.


Time to feel like the superhero you are… and that takes greens… lots of them. Still, it’s hard to fit in multiple servings of broccoli, gluten-free barley grass and spinach every day. Supergreens +D makes it easy.

It all adds up to an immunity and digestion boost for a healthy and active life. And with three little capsules per serving, these greens are easy to swallow.


Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is vital for immune and bone health. We provide 2,000 IUs from organic mushrooms with beneficial beta-glucans. Unlike other supplements, which source vitamin D from lamb’s wool (ugh).

Vitamins & Minerals

No artificial vitamins here. Organic mushrooms provide B vitamins, and organic greens serve up natural vitamins and minerals, including folate.

Colon Health

Broccoli gives your colon health a boost with protective sulforaphane, while inulin from Jerusalem artichoke feeds all the good bacteria in your gut.




Good Bugs

We include a broad spectrum of probiotics (over 5 billion per serving!) so your gut is replenished with beneficial bacteria for a happy tummy, and a prebiotic (inulin) to support the growth of healthy bacteria.

Digestive Enzymes

In addition to the native enzymes inside, we add extra plant-based enzymes that encourage digestion (no discomfort) and enhance nutrient absorption.

Digestive Detox

Chlorophyll-rich organic plants like parsley, barley grass, spinach and broccoli help bind to and remove toxins from the digestive system.

Antioxidants are the antidote to free radicals, and fulfill essential roles at the molecular level. They’re even touted for their anti-aging effects.



Green leafy veggies are just what the doctor ordered. Nutrient-dense greens are packed with hundreds of health-promoting compounds.

All ingredients are harvested at the peak of nutrition, and cold-processed to capture all of earth’s bounty. Supergreens +D makes it easy to get your greens.

Every serving of Supergreens +D works to:

  • Support healthy bones with 2,000 IUs of vegan vitamin D*

  • Bolster your immune system with organic mushroom beta-glucans*

  • Support colon health with broccoli extract (sulforaphane)*

  • Detox your digestive system with chlorophyll-rich plants*

  • Nourish your body with naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals*

  • Enhance nutrient absorption with plant-based enzymes*

  • Support a healthy microbiome with 5 billion probiotics and a prebiotic*

  • Balance your body’s pH and support an alkaline environment*

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